40 years


40 years have passed since Elsa and I set out upon this adventure.

She had no experience in restaurants, yet decided to join the project and shared work, which we began when we opened our first restaurant.


After working in restaurants all around Spain, I thought it was time to take this step and convinced Elsa to leave her comfortable job as a state employee in the Dutch Tax Authority and exchange it for another job where the only one who always has to feel comfortable, is our client.


These have been marvellous years. A lifetime!


We have worked hard, but we have overcome those obstacles which, as in everyone’s lives, have appeared.




Our family began to grow with the birth of our daughters Tamara and Tara and as each of the staff needed for the proper operation of our restaurant joined us.


Tamara is already a leader. Her boyfriend Jose, contributes the perfect balance which makes everything operate at its best.


There are others who are a part of the team at the restaurant and whose work is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.
First, there is Claudio, who we consider part of our family. His manners are only surpassed by his reliability and efficiency.


Juan, Claudio’s brother, is truly a man of all trades and has become the luxury sedan of our business – a pillar that supports the perfect operation of our restaurant.


Juan Padre, called that because he is Jose’s father and whose experience has earned him the position of one of the most important tasks in a kitchen, the “mise en place”.


Then there are two women whose work complements the team: Ángeles y Begoña.


Ángeles is in charge of cleaning and linens and her work enhances the standard of our restaurant. She is like another daughter to us.


Begoña is the latest to join our team. With total efficiency, she takes care that the dishware and cutlery are always impeccable.


Alejandro is also a part of our team. He has just started here and is learning and we hope that he soon will fit into the smooth running of the team.


But there is something fundamental to all this happening smoothly: the fidelity of OUR GUESTS.


We have always believed that the stars that a restaurant has been assigned, are its customers.


We always say that it is our patrons, our guests who keep the standard of our restaurant high. When your guests keep returning to you, their fidelity encourages you to find new choices to offer them, to surprise them upon their next visit.


Of course, some of our patrons always order their favourite dish, in fact, some of our dishes carry the name of that guest as its "surname". Other dishes have been with us from the start, but evolution has to be one of our goals.

Forty years ago, we began working on achieving our clientele, and over time many guests have stayed with us, while others jumped on over the years.


We believe we have succeeded.


It is an honour for the team that works together running the Don Quijote Restaurant, to enjoy welcoming such high-quality guests!


Thank you for your fidelity. We are eternally grateful to you for your patronage.


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